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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monsters and Magic

The kids made monsters. I made a trip to the new Hobby Lobby store in San Martin a couple of weeks ago, and found a kit that makes 30 monsters. Perfect and pretty cute too!

We had our first MAGIC (Music and Geography in Concert) lesson Thursday. The kids learned about the Mississippi River!

They got to make their own boats!

What a GREAT sail on #19's boat! Go Giants!!!

#18 busy creating!

#2 is busy creating as well!

This is our docent, #25's mom (with student #3). She did an awesome job and we look forward to our future MAGIC lessons!!

This is #12 and his dad. His dad helps out in the classroom but is out if commission right now because he just had back surgery. We wrote him letters, and he sent us a letter back, and this picture. We wish him a speedy recovery!! Oh and Go Giants!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Math and Letters

Yesterday we did Name Collection Boxes during Math. The kids LOVE these! Take advantage of that and put them to work at home!!

Simply draw a box and put the number they are trying to make in the box in the corner. I impressed the kids again with my ability to copy the box from our Math Journal.

Then let them name all the ways to make that number. Try Roman numerals or numbers in another language. TONS of fun.

Today was very exciting for Room 24! The kids got pen pal letters!!!! Our pen pals are from Mission San Jose Elementary. They are also 2nd graders, and like us, they have 15 boys and 15 girls!

#30 is writing to his pen pal of almost the same name!!

#17, working on the "heading" which is the date.

#18, reading her letter.

I can always count on #6 to liven things up.

The kids also finished their letters to the principal. We'll get those to her tomorrow.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writing Letters

We are learning to write friendly letters. This week we are writing to our principal, Mrs. Paratore.

How sweet! Looks like this one understands the format.

Busy, busy writers!

"Posey" is working hard on his letter. Maybe he's telling Mrs. Paratore how much we want the Giants to win the playoffs! Maybe that's just me...and "Posey."

#19, working hard.

Wow! #15 sure has lots to say!

Our "cheat sheet." The kids were super impressed that I could draw a piece of giant binder paper. I have mad skills in that department. :-)

Look for correct letter writing format in your parent journals this week. The kids are hoping to dazzle you with their format skills.

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We made pumpkins on Friday!!

#23, getting her pumpkin strips ready.

#15 and #21 getting their pumpkin on!!

#14 working hard.

The kids were given four strips. They glued them together at the center (like an asterisk) then glued the ends together, in a loop.

Happy pumpkin maker (#6), and "shoppers" in the background.

The final product. Cute, easy, non-traditional pumpkin.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Live Action!

We went "live action" with Math today. Our first problem featured "Julie" and "Rosa." I played the part of "Julie" because, well, that's my name! LOL. #25 played the part of "Rosa."

"Julie" had 10 crayons. "Rosa" gave "Julie" 8 crayons. How many crayons in all? 18!!! Math is fun! Special thanks to #23 for taking the picture, and to her mom for having the same phone as me, so she could take the picture.

Second story: "Kyra" (played by #16) had two dimes and three nickels in her left pocket, and a quarter and two pennies in her right pocket.

See? How much money does she have?

$.62!!! Math is so fun! I apologize to the boys that no boy names were used in our "live action" stories today. Maybe next time.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Class Helpers

We have lots of helpers in class!! I have parents in every single day of the week. It's great!!! Small group time is coming along. The kids are patient as I change things every week, looking for things that work best.

That's my MOM up there, reading to the kids! She comes to volunteer every Wednesday. She's newly retired, and Room 24 is benefitting from that!

Justin Bieber stands watch over our marbles. We do not want to lose our marbles. When the marbles reach the orange tape, the class earns a special prize. We earned LOTS of marbles this week! Our transitions have been great, and we are learning to control our talking.

I am LOVING these parent journals!! You all are so sweet! I think it's great communication between you and your child. We are working on proper friendly letter writing. It takes a little time to learn the format. Your letters to the kids are great for modeling the format. Keep up the good work Moms and Dads!!

This one made me laugh. #28 has "rocked" this week. Many others are also rocking it, and so are you parents! You rock!
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