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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Math and iPods

The kids played their first Math games today. It was lots of fun but rather crazy. I will be asking for parent help at Back to School Night, September 10.

The first graders played Monster Squeeze. They remembered from kindergarten.

They made number lines and then used a counter to cover a mystery number, which their partner had to guess.

Here's a close up of the number line in progress.

The second graders were working on money. They did this page on their own yesterday, and we reviewed it today.

The second graders played a game with money.

First they had to sort the coins. Then they had to figure out the amount of the coins.

Perhaps the highlight of the day were the iPods!!

I was able to get all four groups on the iPods today. We will start using them next week, during group work. They are disappointed that they can't play Candy Crush or Angry Birds.😄

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