Crossman Crew

Friday, December 23, 2011

Some of our Art

Room 24 has been busy with projects!
A friend of mine sent our class an entire bag of beautiful fabric scraps, so I set the kids loose on them and they made...
fabric trees! Cute huh?
Lots of pretty colors to decorate the trees. I think we'll do this again in the spring and make flowers or butterflies!
I believe I showed you all the beginning steps for this project. The kids colored on transparencies with permanent markers.
This project always turns out so beautiful!
The kids did a great job!

Spoiler alert! If you are a parent in my class, and you have not yet opened the gift your child made for you, then come back after Christmas. If you've already opened it, then you may proceed.
I got this idea from Pinterest. I painted each child's hand and then had them grab a ball ornament, with their wet, painted hand. See the fingers up there? Then we turned the printed hand into...
snowmen! How cute are these? The kids were free to embellish their snowmen and add snow to the ornaments. I added ribbon for hanging, and wrote their name and the year.

Completely adorable. I can't wait to hear how everyone liked them.

Kirby Fun

Our elf, Kirby, was very active while he visited our classroom!
We found him in the tree on more than one occasion.

He made a "snow globe" of Justin Bieber, and spread our class tickets all over the place.

While with us, he celebrated his 245th birthday! He does not look a day over 3!
Muskan made a little house for Kirby!
He really liked it in there!

Kirby brought pencils for all of the students!
He made a new BFF with Justin Bieber.

Yes, we all enjoyed our time with Kirby, and we wish him well.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MAGIC and Shapes and Parallel Lines

We had our monthly MAGIC lesson this morning. We studied Russia. It was a very great lesson! The kids also got to make their own (foam) versions of Faberge' Eggs!
Look at the detail Zac put into his egg. Super cute.
Ryan sure loves Kirby! This is the character our elf is named after.
Tiffany is working hard on her egg! They all were so cute when they finished them. Room 24 loves MAGIC, and Mrs. Dadd too!!

In other news...
We played a game in Math yesterday: What's My Rule? The kids had to guess, based on attributes, which shape fit the rule. The two yellow shapes FIT the rule, and the rule was shapes with 4 sides.
These are all the shapes to choose from. There are big shapes, little shapes, and the thicknesses are different (fat and skinny), and of course shape and color.

Today we learned about parallel lines. These two were NOT parallel lines. This is the point where they "crashed." The kids learned that parallel lines will never "crash." They will go on, forever, and never ever cross.

Kirby the Crazy Elf

Kirby has been up to no good-STILL!
He turned almost everything on our whiteboard, upside down! How do you suppose he can write upside down? I imagine that must be very difficult.
The spelling words are upside down in our chart too. Thanks, Kirby.
Kirby must be brushing up on his light saber skills. Perhaps he's planning on becoming a Jedi some day soon? Just what we need, an elf with a light saber!
He put everyone's clip onto orange or red! AND nobody belonged there!!
The other day the kids found this: hula hoops, tape measures and paper cranes...oh, and Kirby.

Look! Kirby wrote his name on every single one of our writing prompts! He must have been practicing his shapes too, because he made some little structures with our 3D shapes.

Every day the kids search for Kirby to see what he's done. Every day we are all so surprised! He's very clever.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The kids are working on a very time consuming project. They are spectacular when finished though. Here's a little preview...
They used permanent pens to color a pattern onto transparency paper. Don't you love the striped ornaments? So cute! The kids had a choice to color a tree like this, or...
a candle. Pretty colors huh? They could also choose...
Bells. Cute. Cute. Cute. They set to work coloring their transparency pages, and we listened to some U2 while we worked. Don't worry, when we put the project together next week, I will take pictures, and post them (of course).
Discovered! The kids found Kirby this morning. Oh he's full of mischief!
Kirby got into the tape measures. I guess he was very interested in our tape measure lesson the other day. He looks rather proud of himself, don't you think? He's lounging around in his little homemade house. Do you see the note he left? "Oh, oooops!" Silly Kirby.

Oh, and this was yesterday's discovery! See him at the top of the chart? He's a little blurry-camera shy, I guess. That crazy elf turned our vocabulary words upside down and took some of the kids' lizards!!! Oh Kirby!

It's Friday. He will be alone all weekend. I should have brought him home! Who KNOWS what he'll find to get into?!