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Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Summer

Wednesday was the last day of school.

Goodbye Room 24 students! Have a great summer!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Almost Done

Lots has been going on in Room 24! Here's a recap of the last two months...

To finish up our Fossils unit in Reading, we used these items to make our own fossils.

We pushed stuff into air drying clay. You may be wondering about the writing on this student's hand-it's from PE. The PE teacher keeps track of their laps this way.

Ew. We had some messy messy clay hands!!

Ta daaaaa!!! They all were really well done.

Mother's Day present! I got the idea off of Pinterest.

Finished pendants with the students' fingerprints. So cute! I made my own boys make them for me too! We used Model Magic.

Spoiler alert!!! If you are a dad, turn away!!!

Father's Day presents! The kids painted rocks. I would like to thank Mrs. Dean from Brookvale, for letting me take her backyard rocks, and for letting me borrow her two children to help pick them out.

We had a special science/magic assembly, just for 2nd grade! Here the magician is attempting to pour water on my student's head! He made the water disappear though, and she remained dry-not a drop of water!

Crazy Hair Day!!!! This is just amazing. Amazing!!

More crazy hair!!!

And even more crazy hair!!!

Well, that should catch you all up! I will try to post once more for the end of the school year. We have 2 days left!!!

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