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Thursday, April 19, 2012

We worked on division stories today in Math. We practiced drawing a picture to work out the problem, and we also "acted out" some problems.

One problem we did today was: Seven friends want to share 24 marbles, equally. How many marbles will each friend get?

We chose our 7 friends. A student started to hand out the marbles.

Friends holding marbles. How many will they get? Will it be equal? Will everyone be happy?

Passing out the last of the marbles.

What we discovered is that there aren't enough marbles for all seven friends to have the same amount. The first three in line had four and the last four friends had only three! We talked about if that was fair and what kind of face the last four kids would have? The first three were very happy faced! They had more. We discovered that to be fair, everyone would get the same, three, and that there would be a remainder of three. It just wouldn't be fair (or equal) to give some friends more and some friends less.

We might have future movie stars because these kids sure do like to act!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Math/Science Nucleus

Yesterday we visited the Math/Science Nucleus. Everyone had a great time.

This is a replica of a Sabertooth Tiger. Did you know Fremont was once home to the Sabertooth Tiger, the Short Faced Bear, and the Columbian Mammoth? Pretty cool! If you visit the MSN on your own, you can learn all about the fossils found in Fremont and the earliest residents.

Kids on their scavenger hunt, looking for fossils.

Small fossils.

I think his head can fit rather easily inside the mouth of that Short Faced Bear! We didn't put it in there though.

And finally, the reason you all visited the blog...sloth poop. Fossilized sloth poop. The kids were VERY interested in this, so I told them I would post the picture on the blog. Enjoy!

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