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Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun With Yarn

Last week we had a LOT of fun with yarn! The kids got to make an octopus out of yarn.

First they had to wind the yarn around the long end of their anthology. 100 times around!!

They tied the yarn together and removed it from the book. It made an "O". We cut the "O" apart at the bottom. Now it looks like pigtails!

We gathered the pigtails and created a head. We tied off the head.

We separated the legs. 8 legs!!

Lots of legs! Then we braided, or tried to braid, or just made tied off "bumps." you may be wondering if I was going crazy by now with 27 students and 8 legs on each octopus. No I wasn't. Not at all. Perhaps it was the 6 adults I rounded up to help with the project!! Thanks helpers!!!

And now for some finished projects!!!

Gray with yellow bows. Very cute.

Reverse twins!! Cute!!

This one is festive!! Cute!!

The kids did a great job! They'll be out at Open House next week!
Come check them out!!

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