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Thursday, September 27, 2012


We continue to learn procedures in class. Pretty soon all routines will be in place.

Purple group built their potato head first. They got a trip to the treasure chest. We started all over.

We started our Science book today!!

Black table group is happy to do science.

We have some very mature students this school year. This is #8.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Computer Lab

Room 24 goes to the computer lab three times a week, for 30 minutes each. The kids work on JiJi (STMath), and next week, they will begin taking AR (Accelerated Reader) quizzes.

JiJi is a cute penguin. The kids complete math problems to advance JiJi to the next level.

I love this one! They have to order the blocks smallest to largest and the tomato thing eats the blocks and grows really BIG.

The kids can work at their own pace. They can do this from home too. I will send the letter home, that has the address and code, in case you need it.

Room 24 loves JiJi!!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We have class jobs. We discussed those jobs today, and chose people to fill those jobs. There will be 10 jobs, but we only have 9 right now. The 10th is to be determined.

To show who is doing the jobs, we created Job People. This is my sample. It's me on a very bad hair day.

Here are some finished Job People. Super cute!!

And more Job People. They will look adorable in the job pockets.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Looking for the Shuttle

We tried to see the space shuttle, Endeavour  on Friday. We didn't have any luck. It flew over the Hayward Hills and we just weren't close enough to see it. It was disappointing, but we did see this...
 Some skywriter type jet, very high in the air. Actually there were tons of planes in the air Friday. I guess there are always, but it just seemed that since we were looking for the shuttle, perched upon a jet, all we saw were other commercial airlines. Southwest does a great business at the Oakland Airport.
Well, I was able to pull up a video of the space shuttle, atop the jet, and I showed that to the kids. They seemed pretty happy to see that. Judging by all of the parent letters I read this morning, in the Parent Journals, some of you have some fantastic pictures! If you care to share them, I can post them here.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Potato Heads

It was GREAT to see so many parents at Back to School Night on Tuesday! I think I have the best group of parents around!! 97% of you attended! Only one family could not attend. Thanks for coming!! I appreciate your support.

This guy is almost complete! Each table has a potato head and potato head parts. It's our way of doing team points. There are 10 parts to add to each potato head. When a group completes their potato, they get a prize from our "treasure chest." I got the idea off Pinterest. Like I said at Back to School Night, I am only a little addicted.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Math and Johnny Appleseed

Today the kids played a math game. They learned to play Addition Top-it. Ask your child how to play. It can be played with a deck of regular cards, so they could play it at home.

Oh! A 9 vs 9!! We have fancy math cards! We can play lots of different math games with these fancy math cards.

Oooooh! A 16!!! I wonder what her partner had?

And now...the picture all students are waiting for....

We read a story about Johnny Appleseed this morning. He walked West (from Massachusetts) with a bag of appleseeds on his back and a pot on his head! The only pot I had, that fits on my head, has two hand grips and not a long handle. It served the purpose though-it fit on my head. It was not comfortable though. If your child was suddenly curious about which pots/pans fit on their head, now you know why.

I gotta go now-I have a pot to wash!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And We Are Off...

First full week! We started Math this week, and the Start Smart component of our Treasures reading series. The kids also got to go to PE and Music today! It's been a busy two days so far!

The kids made fabric apples. We started them last Friday. They were pretty much finished yesterday, but I didn't have them hung on the wall until today.

Super cute with all of the colors and patterns. Lots of glue. Lots of fabric.

A closer look. These are hanging up, ready to be admired, at Back to School Night, September 18.

In Math we did a coin sort. Kids all over the place with money!

Ta da!!! It's important to know those coins and their values. They were introduced to our class money system too. I will explain that at Back to School Night.

In order for us to do our writing draft, we took a moment (a mini "field trip") to visualize ourselves playing on the playground. The playground is the topic of our narrative writing this week. We are writing the piece all together. Next week we'll try group writing.

5 days down, 175 to go! Lots to learn.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

We Made it Through the First Week

Well, the first three days are behind us!! We were busy this week!

Yesterday we completed a "getting to know you" activity. The kids made beaded necklaces. Each bead represents things such as: brothers, sisters, pets, etc. Ask your child to show you the "cheat sheet" I gave them. With their necklaces on, they walked around and found people that were the same as them. They used a "business sheet" to record their names.

Today we started our Start Smart component of our brand new Reading series. The kids LOVED these short vowel cards! The mouth MOVES! It shows them how they are to move their mouth to make sounds! Super cool!

Next stage for making the short vowel sound.

Another view. This is short a.

Then we made a mess!!!

It was an artistic mess though. The kids made fabric apples.

They glued small pieces of material to an apple pattern.

This one is finished! Super cute! They will be hung up so that you can admire them at Back to School Night.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

Well here we are!!! It's the first day of school!! Finally!!

I love owls. You will see them all over. I could not resist these owls.

New playground balls!! These are probably the highlight of the students' day! They love new playground balls!

We read a book called David Goes to School by David Shannon. It inspired us to think about what a good student looks like. Those are all kid generated ideas. They did a great job!

We made our own Davids! I got these David ideas from Pinterest. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, google it. Careful though as it's very addictive!!

Aren't they cute???? The kids took such care with them.

A close up! So adorable!!!

Welcome to room 24!!

Sorry for the blurry pictures.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a LOT Like School!

Well, here we are! School is about to start! I'm ready! The classroom is clean and organized. I have students! I have lesson plans! We just have to wait until Wednesday. It's taking forever to get here!

Here's a little glimpse of Room 24.

Here's a funny....

I love it! I bet you are singing that song now! You are welcome!

September 5: School starts!!!