Crossman Crew

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Reader and a Grasshopper

Room 24 is participating in the Sharks Reading is Cool Program. Our goal is to read LOTS of pages in the hopes that Sharkie (the Sharks mascot) will visit our classroom.

#10 won the October medal. He read 6,969 pages!!!! Congrats #10!

We had a special visitor today...

A rather giant grasshopper (or possibly a katydid-it really does look like a katydid), somehow made its way into our classroom. His/her arrival caused quite a stir.

Since it wasn't a spider, I caught it!!! I wanted to get a better picture if it, but he/she had other ideas.

It flew away right away, but was kind enough to land on the wall so I could snap a picture. Room 24 is NEVER boring!

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