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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shaving Eggs?

We started a project today. The kids shaved eggs! Well, kinda.

We used shaving cream, liquid dye (for stamp pad refilling), and a squeegee to create our eggs.

First we sprayed shaving cream onto a cookie sheet. We sprinkled dye colors onto the shaving cream and then swirled the colors into the shaving cream with a craft stick ( Popsicle stick).

Then we took our "egg," which is an egg shape cut out of cardstock paper, and placed it on top of the swirled shaving cream, pressing it down carefully.

Next, my parent helper picked up the egg and used the squeegee to get the excess cream off of the egg.

Finally, we set them out to dry, and they are pretty and they smell pretty good too.

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Friday, March 16, 2012


Our leprechaun, Lucky, left treasure for the kids! Thanks Lucky! These kids sure are lucky!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Circle Art

A few weeks ago, the kids made their own version of a famous Kandinsky painting.

They each colored a small piece of paper with oil pastels. The directions were that it had to be circles. When I laminated them, some of the colors melted and ran, but we all actually liked the effect.

Mrs. Johnson hung them all on our door! Some kids did more than one. They kept going until all of the squares were used.

I used one of my camera apps to jazzy this picture up.

We have the prettiest door at Warwick!

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A New Game

While strolling through Target yesterday, with my son (who is Beyblade obsessed), I came across a cool dice game that I thought the students would like.

Story Cubes! What a great idea. The kids have to roll the dice and then tell a story using all 9 pictures!

I picked some kids to "test drive" it today.

It's a hit! Those kids Played and laughed and talked together and created their stories! Success! Pretty soon, we'll WRITE them!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We are measuring stuff in class.

Yesterday we used our balance scale to figure out the weight of so many pennies. We started with 5g and kept adding pennies and grams. Eventually we put all of our plastic weights together (150g) and then evened out the other side with pennies. 57 pennies weigh about 150g.

Then we had some fun seeing what weighed about 150g. A penguin, Justin Bieber and about 5 magnets weigh about 150g.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

We are measuring! Today we measured in yards. The kids chose what we measured. I held up the yard stick and we estimated first, then measured. I am old. It is hard to crawl around the floor. Good thing I have kids who love to crawl on the floor, to measure! It is about 10 yards across our classroom.

To liven things up, we decided to measure the width of our classroom in shoes! It's always fun to measure in non-standard units.

We all stood around in our piggy toes or sock feet. Contrary to the fuss they all made about it being stinky, it was not. You will be happy to know that your child's feet don't stink (at least for now).

I made one of the pictures fancy with a phone app. Plus I posted it to Instagram.

Yesterday we measured using paper clips!

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