Crossman Crew

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Friends

We have new friends in room 24!

Remember our mealworms? Well, one of them has transformed!
If you look closely, you can see the larva stage and a pupa right next to it. It starts as an egg, then it becomes a mealworm (larva).

 The third stage is a pupa. You can see it by the corner of the apple. If the pupa is touched, it will wiggle. Ew. Gross.

And finally, it's a darkling beetle. Gross, I know. Since this is our first beetle, and since he/she is pretty easy to distinguish from the others, the kids have named him/her Buster Posey, but a friend suggested we rename him/her to BUGster Posey. I will tell the kids tomorrow. They will roar with laughter. 2nd grade humor. 

Oh, and we also have a new human friend! A boy. He's #25 on our class list. He's all the way from Boston! We sure have had nice weather to welcome him!