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Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Fun and Candy Corn

Meet Plumpy...

I picked him up at the Dell'Osso Farm in Lathrop, last weekend. That is a very cool place! We named our pumpkin Plumpy. We estimated his weight, his circumference and how many seeds he contained. Then we recorded our findings!

We learned the lifecycle of a pumpkin, and made a super cool pumpkin "book."

Paper everywhere, but it was a productive mess.

Such concentration by all of the kids! It was tricky to glue the pieces together!

They had six pumpkin pages and six pieces for the middle of the pages.

The finished product!!!

One proud girl!!

Back to Plumpy...

These are the yarn strings for measuring the circumference of Plumpy.

A collage of the carving done today! He still needs a face.

Oh! This is art today! We can't have food treats at school, but we can make them!!

It's been a pumpkin productive week!!!

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